February 23, 2022,CET

Can You Reuse Live Shopping Video Streams?

We have covered before how live shopping is set up to be the next crucial step for brands across the globe. With live shopping, you engage audiences through a highly human connection that leaves everyone satisfied. But what happens after the stream? Can you reuse live shopping video streams?

Can You Reuse Live Shopping Video Streams?

It all depends on the type of live shopping software that you have. Many live shopping options only allow you to sell during live streams. While live streams are an ideal medium for seeing new conversions, they have their limitations. If you want to have the chance to capitalize on reusing your live streams, then you need the right software. For that, Onlive has your brand covered!

Why You Need to Reuse Live Shopping Video Streams

Let’s look at an example. Imagine a brand that has a loyal customer base in multiple time zones; they will not be able to reach each time zone equally. This is especially true for brands that aim to cater to clients in the Americas, Europe, and Asia simultaneously. At any given point in the day, the odds are some of your following will be snoozing in bed while the rest will be awake.

However, your brand may still want to reach those customers and drive those conversions. That is why having a reusable live shopping stream can prove a vital asset to your brand. More specifically, your brand will need reusable shoppable videos that allow your clients or customers to shop through engaging content according to their personal schedules.

Furthermore, reusing your live videos gives you more return for the effort you put into your stream. Even if a live shopping stream only lasts an hour, there were likely several other hours that went into preparing for it. Writing scripts, choosing products, and setting up your location all take time and effort. Better to get the most benefit possible out of all that effort.

Does Live Shopping Software Allow You to Make Shoppable Videos?

Unfortunately, the majority of the live shopping software options that we have seen around the web do not offer this option to clients. So Onlive saw this gap and decided to provide an option for people to make shoppable videos.

When you make a live shopping video, it takes a lot of time, preparation, and effort. None of that should go to waste, and instead it should be able to be used for boosting your brand even further. Otherwise, any clients who missed your live shopping stream will not even get a chance to become leads. They won’t even know what they are missing!

Reusable shoppable videos give your brand the chance to reach a wide audience while maintaining the personal, engaging atmosphere of live shopping. In other words, you still connect with clients, especially those who would have otherwise missed their chance to see a live shopping stream in the first place.

Try Your Free Demo to Learn More

Onlive provides free demos of our software to provide you with all the info you need to see if live shopping is right for your brand. Contact Onlive today to set up a time that is convenient for you and get started on seeing what live shopping can do for taking your brand into the future. By combining live shopping with shoppable videos, your brand can see an influx of conversions and engage its audience in multiple ways all at once.