November 29, 2021,CET

Guide to Setting Up Your Live Shopping Location

Boosting your brand’s popularity and relationship with its followers depends on delivering a unique experience. But uniqueness alone is not enough! To maximize engagement, it is vital to present an enjoyable and pleasant atmosphere and setting during your live shopping streams. With this guide to setting up your live shopping location, we cover all you need to know to level up your livestream.

Guide to Setting Up Your Live Shopping Location

1: Match Space and Audience

Is your brand centered around clothing? Or is it around interior design? It might even be about automobile upgrades. Shoppable live video streams continue to grow, and the brands building their awareness through this practice are diverse. But what is consistent across the board is the need to have a space that syncs well with your brand and products.

Even streaming from a bathroom can work if it makes sense for your brand (and as long as it is a sparkling clean and gorgeous bathroom!). Your goal with finding the right space is to present an area that connects with viewers, reinforces your brand’s identity, and looks dang good while doing so.

2: Lights, Lights, and More Lights

Of course, you can overdo it when it comes to lighting for your live shopping videos. However, many brands trying live shopping streams for the first time go the other direction. Their visuals are visible, but there isn’t enough light to truly make their products crisp and able to stand out. Investing in professional-grade lighting is always a step in the right direction, but so to is learning the ins and outs of using the lighting to your advantage.

We recommend trying different setups depending on the type of live shopping and try finding what works best. If your lighting doesn’t make your video truly pop, then improvements might be needed. Remember, live shoppers are generally watching on their phones with (relatively) small screens. Every pixel counts.

3: Decor Makes the Mood

Think of your live shopping location as a movie set. While you don’t need to invest thousands into decor and props, we do recommend taking time to consider the atmosphere your location gives off. Think about a tasteful addition or two that can really demonstrate to the viewer the feel of your brand or lifestyle, something to create a strong association with your brand and products. Remember, screen space is limited for viewers, so clutter can make a experience feel messy or disorganized. But a few well-placed and well-chosen background items can drive viewer engagement. This then brings us to our final tip.

4: Camera Here? Or Camera There?

Choosing the right location and angle for your camera is the thread that holds your live shopping setting together. Honestly, it might take hours before you find the right combination of lighting and decor to really stand out on the camera. But giving this step the right amount of time will truly pay off later when your live shopping videos look amazing. Consider what you want to have in the camera, and then think about how good these things look from different camera placements. Even changing the camera’s elevation by distances as small as an inch can create an entirely new feel to what your viewers will see.

Get Started With Live Shopping Today

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