June 2, 2021,CEST

How do Live Streaming Shopping tools work?

Live Streaming Shopping is an online marketing strategy that allows brands, shops and companies to showcase their products through live broadcasting. These broadcasts aim at enhancing the image of your products and services and offer a more immediate, reliable and contemporary brand image. Live e-commerce is a unique resource to spark the interest of the public. With presentations detailing the characteristics and benefits of each product during such events, streamers or influencers can entertain and interact with consumers by solving their doubts and questions in real-time.

For the promotion and sale of products online, such tool has great potential and can be easily used on an e-commerce website or platforms such as Tik Tok, Twitch or Instagram. At a time when digitalisation is taking hold, it is more and more necessary to understand the phenomenon of live streaming e-commerce and how these Live Streaming Shopping tools work.

How did the Live Streaming Shopping concept come to be?

The concept of Live Streaming Shopping can be traced back to traditional teleshopping on TV where presenters would show the quality of one or more items. The main perk and difference of this kind of virtual teleshopping is that viewers can interact with the influencer or streamer in real-time and ask for details and features. Moreover, they are able to receive discounts and promotions leading to a more personal and immediate experience, in which the viewer plays a fundamental role.

In Asia, streaming sales are currently most widely implemented. Sales amount to almost 70,000 million dollars. Hence, this business model attracts numerous influencers and viewers leading to a real revolution. This in turn has sparked Asia’s interest in conquering other markets such as the United States and Europe, while exporting this business model to other countries.

According to experts, the live streamings shopping trend started with a group of influencers in Los Angeles and New York: In 2010, they live recorded their boutique visits to show fashion items and collections. At the same time, the trend to unbox all kinds of products also began.

The main difference from those times is that nowadays, live shopping allows a greater degree of interaction with potential sellers. At the same time, they are connected to social networks that allow e-commerce integration. That makes it possible to place an order directly within the app. For instance, Instagram’s shop function presents us with articles promoted by brands and influencers that allow us to purchase items without leaving the platform.

Can any company use this service?

The answer is yes, any company can enjoy the numerous and amazing benefits of using streaming as a means of promotion. There are many possibilities such as courses, conferences, talks, presentations, webinars or different influencer online events to promote the company’s products or services.

This type of selling strategy is not only key for sectors such as fashion or beauty, any sellable product or service can be the star of the show of a live streaming broadcast, to demonstrate its features and functions.

Therefore, both large and small companies can consider promoting and launching their products through online streaming.

And it doesn’t matter if you are a neophyte in the world of video or in the digital world, a good Internet connection will be enough to ensure that the streaming transmission does not fail and has a good quality. In addition, companies like Onlive present all the solutions, facilities and support necessary for your live streaming campaign to be a success and to reach your audience in an attractive way and with relevant and interesting content.

How does Live Shopping work?

Preparing a live-streamed e-commerce session involves a number of basic elements. The main ones are:

  • A camera. In many cases, and depending on the event and our possibilities, the camera on our mobile phone or computer is sufficient.
  • computer.
  • high-speed connection to provide quality streaming.
  • list of items or services we are interested in promoting at the event.
  • script with a respective outline so that we can quickly see the story structure.
  • presenter or influencer who is dedicated to showcasing and demonstrating the products to the audience.
  • chat area in which all questions and comments from viewers can be answered.
  • feedback button, ideal for evaluating the impression generated by the article or service among viewers. Reactions are usually displayed in the form of animated emojis.
  • Additional features typically include:
  • Seeing the live stream in the details area of the product being featured. This is an option to access the live stream demos before deciding to buy. At the same time, it allows the shopper to go from the product page to the stream without missing out on any content, promotions and giveaways that may be announced.
  • Being able to fulfil viewer requests. Viewers can access pre-recorded product demonstrations.  If a product is not on the list, they can always ask the streaming host to showcase that particular product. As customers can interact with the brand or company in real time, this action represents the ultimate goal of such events.
  • Coupon or discount area: An area where customers can consult existing promotions beforehand. Just by logging into the session, coupons can be accessed. Besides, customers may take part in the event, watch the session for a certain time or share it with several friends. A sequence of details that will be decided and elaborated by the host.
  • Finally, depending on a customer’s activity, it is also interesting to reward attendees with degrees or levels of loyalty. Viewing, commenting or making purchases will increase or advance the user from one level or degree to another. Thus, the level of loyalty will be a way of building customer loyalty and making them feel that our treatment is more personal and close.

Do I need any technical knowledge to use the tool?

As a consequence of this pandemic, the digitalisation process of large and small businesses has grown and accelerated. Live e-commerce in Spain is currently undertaking a rapid modernisation process in order to conform to hygiene practices set by health authorities. Social distancing highly affects the in-person visit of shops as well as direct product usage and, of course, the purchases themselves.

Thus, e-commerce streaming allows sellers to showcase their articles, to try them on for the customer and to advise on sizes, colours or models. Being a very positive and effective alternative to the traditional shopping experience, it can also resolve any doubts and outstanding questions. Online shopping is very enriching, and it is important to bear in mind that nobody is going to sell a product better than the person who designed and/or manufactured it. With just a little technical support and some guidance, anyone can use this tool and achieve excellent results.

At Onlive we offer you a way to turn a dreary and unattractive online shop into a fun and entertaining live show where customers can get to know your brand and the company behind it better. It is a new and attractive way to show all the functionalities and positive aspects of each product or service, while highlighting its good value-for-money-ratio. Also, you can offer discounts and promotions to our customers.

Nowadays we are increasingly familiar with tools for making videos or photographs. At the same time, we are used to adding filters, emojis, animations and other effects that allow us to increase the fun and add a spectacular touch to the presentations. The apps facilitate this type of action and with professional advice like the one we from Onlive offer, it will be more than enough to manage and hold entertaining events.

And as for the presenter or influencer, Onlive will put you in touch with professionals who bring a touch of glamour, fun and marvel to each of the events you organise. By keeping the curiosity and attention of your clients, creative minds, fashion gurus, beauty kings and queens, entertainers or artists will turn every minute of the presentation into a real show.

At Onlive we are specialists in connecting brands and presenters of live streaming shopping shows. This will boost your business sales in the most contemporary, fun and profitable way and will offer you the best results.

Now is not the time to fall behind: let us guide you and help you launch into the digital world. An attractive image combined with know-how and respective materials ensure that our streaming videos deliver a professional and approachable image that is up-to-date.