October 13, 2021,CEST

How Live Shopping Is the Future for E-Commerce

Before the pandemic, no one could deny how brick-and-mortar retail was a big part of revenue. But Covid-19 turned the world upside down and everyone found themselves at home for months on end. While online shopping has always been popular, it lacked the interaction and personal touch of browsing in a store. Now, live shopping is the future of e-commerce, providing a unique shopping experience that meshes with the modern market.

How Live Shopping Works

Content is everywhere and everything. However, static content is no longer enough to truly drive brand engagement. Now, with interactive content like live shopping, brands can not only reach new customers but drive conversions in a way that sparks more brand loyalty and awareness.

Live shopping is the perfect blend of streaming and shopping. A brand or influencer streams while allowing chat or reaction participation from the audience. This interaction is key, especially in a time when most of the world has spent months at home with little outside contact. But the icing on the cake is the factor of instant purchasing.

Combine all these aspects and live shopping is set to change the world of e-commerce. Not only is it a new way to drive brand awareness, but it fills a niche that the pandemic has made all too clear that we need. With an interaction-based dynamic, live shopping goes beyond the QVC sales shows of the past and pushes e-commerce into a modern shape and form.

Live Shopping Is the Future of E-Commerce

Every day, brands lose countless customers in the checkout process, and ease of checkout remains a defining factor in these cases. Live shopping builds upon the convenience of online shopping, allowing customers to enjoy a smooth and fully integrated experience without any hassle.

For example, Instagram Checkout was designed from the ground up to create a seamless shopping experience. Its defining trait is that users never need to leave the app to buy a product. From square one to conversion, there is no jumping around between apps, instead providing a focused experience at each point.

All Major Platforms Are Joining the Game

What do Amazon, TikTok, and Facebook all have in common? Among other things, they all are getting in on live shopping. That’s what matters. These huge firms have recognized how live shopping is the future for e-commerce and are all vying to get a slice of that futuristic pie. When something catches the eyes of multiple multi-billion dollar companies, you know it is time to look in that same direction.

With this growing interest, live shopping and social retail are set to continue to become even more popular. By pivoting quickly and following this trend from the outset, brands can not only continue to establish themselves but find new opportunities for growth and revenue.

Don’t Miss the Train

Brands that don’t stay aware of changes in the online environment might not fail right away, but they will miss out on chances for immense growth. But, choosing the right live shopping software is vital whether you have an established or are still making moves in the industry. Onlive focuses on keeping your entire live shopping experience smooth from start to finish. Our service platform allows you to create sale-oriented shows that allow full interaction with your customers while boosting conversions through seamless purchasing.