December 2, 2021,CET

Is Live Shopping Right for Your Brand?

Being successful in e-commerce depends on maximizing the various opportunities presented in the online world. Being able to engage with consumers across multiple platforms is a vital part of this. Live shopping is one of the latest ways to truly engage with your audience and boost your brand as a whole. But is live shopping right for your brand?

Is Live Shopping Right for Your Brand?

In most cases, the answer is a resounding yes. Current trends show that live shopping is on a rapid rise, allowing retailers a whole new way to engage larger, more interested audiences. All of this translates to increased sales and elevated brand awareness. While most brands can benefit from live shopping, below are a few signs that live shopping is ideal for your brand.

Do Your Products Need Tutorials?

Showing your audience how to use your product, or even new ways to use it, is one of the best ways to engage with live shopping. Your audience gets to understand your brand and its products better, which in turn increases their overall interest.

Some brands that mesh well with using live tutorials for their live shopping stream include beauty products (e.g., makeup tutorials), tech, and more.

Does Your Brand Collaborate

Collaborations have existed, well, ever since two people decided to work together to make something unique. Brand collaborations are no different, and they show no signs of slowing down in their increasing popularity. Effective collaborations not only result in new and refreshing takes on familiar products, but they further drive a brand narrative.

They present opportunities for your brand to discuss its collaboration and the ideas behind the effort, all during a live shopping stream! For live shopping streams, collaborations are especially powerful, pulling in consumers from different markets into one place.

Does Your Brand Have Regular New Products?

For brands that are continually releasing new lines of products, a key factor for success is getting the word out to your audience. But even more important is being able to show the benefits and improvements of your new line of products. Live shopping offers a way to not only achieve this, but present a direct avenue for your audience to purchase items as soon as they hit the shelves.

Is Your Brand Ready to Be On Camera?

This is quite a packed question. First, for your brand to make the most of live shopping, you likely need someone in front of a camera. Now, it doesn’t have to be the CEO, founder, or head of your brand. Instead, it just has to be someone who ready to engage with audiences and be an effective representation of your brand during streams. Many brands turn to influencers as part of their live shopping strategy, and it works! Not only can influencers bring in wider audiences, but they have the know-how of working in front of a camera, allowing you to take the back seat and watch the magic happen.

Also, it will prove important for your products to look good on camera as well. For many brands, this involves only minor changes, since your products are already fantastic! Working with a designer or expert in these matters can prove a crucial investment for live shopping success.

Do You Have the Right Live Shopping Software?

Live shopping success starts with having a livestream shopping platform built for the task. Onlive’s software allows you to easily create live shopping shows with a range of tools to engage your audience and deliver a consumer-centered experience. Every aspect of Onlive’s live shopping software was built from the ground up to maximize your live shopping efficacy to generate sales, engage your audience, and have fun while doing so.