June 2, 2021,CEST

Live streaming shopping. A guide for dummies

Are you considering live streaming shopping for your retail brand but not sure where to start? We share our top tips to ensure you put on a good show every time!


Well, there’s actually just two absolute essentials – a smartphone and an internet connection. And on the basis that you are reading this right now, there’s every chance you’ve got this covered!


Unsurprisingly, good lighting is key to putting on a good show. Often the sun might be your best lighting option, with the added benefit of being free! However, we recommend opting for a low cost LED lighting kit, which will allow you to have good lighting even if you broadcast at night or in a room without natural light. The only real no-no here that you should not position yourself in front of a window. This would result in a dark silhouette which won’t allow you to shine!


Good, clear audio is also important for a livestream. While your audience may forgive bad lighting, if they can’t really hear you very well due to background noise or low volume, it can prove very disruptive and frustrating, and you’ll lose engagement, fast. Smartphones generally have decent audio input and output. But if not, you could use a headset with a built-in microphone that connects to your mobile device. A better option is a wireless headset as it won’t restrict your movement.


A stand such as a tripod is really a nice-to-have as opposed to an essential. The benefit is you can securely position your phone at the optimal height, and with both hands free you are able to better showcase products, move around, or even dance, why not? In addition, you will find that many tripods come with a built-in LED light at a pretty affordable price!


It’s worth considering how you connect to the web. While it might seem obvious, there are many a bad connection out there, be it thanks to mobile data bandwidth or crammed open networks. These days we all value clear, stable video connections more than ever thanks to pandemic-induced remote working and endless zoom calls! So, check that you have good bandwidth and be aware that the higher your upload speed, the higher resolution you will have. And if you have access to a cable connection we do highly recommend you opt for this most reliable option.


While this isn’t the most important factor, depending on what it is you want to do, it might benefit your style of hosting and selling. With a certain type or size of space, you can add a bit of flair to your performance that may even form part of your personal brand. Think about your possibilities, what it is you want to convey and what style you want to develop. You can choose to do it from your home, in an office, a recording studio or even in a store.


Detailed planning of your event is super important. You need to plan it in the same way you might prepare for a TV show or a big event. Organise the products you are going to show, the order in which you’ll show them and the details of the sale – price points, quantities etc. It’s best to apply a theme to a show up front, and incorporate related products so that you can promote and present it to a relevant audience. You’ll also need to plan its duration, the games or activities you are going to put on during the show (or before it), their timing, and any guests that will join you. We recommend preparing a run-sheet so that you don’t forget anything.


Nobody ever regretted rehearsing a performance – that we know of anyway! It’s particularly important if you are going down the comedy path – because when it comes to telling jokes or humourous stories, style and pace of delivery is everything. Over time you will no doubt build confidence and your rehearsals may become shorter or easier. And we aren’t just referring to your speech, or sales pitch. You need to rehearse and test everything that you are going to use – including the microphone, mobile phone, web connection … and even do some tests with friends or family.


When you are starting out, think hard about what actions or types of interaction will appeal to your target audience, and about how to generate excitement and anticipation. This might be done through discounts, sales, launches, limited units, interviews, sneak peeks or exclusive content. We believe that each event should be unique and different. You’ve no doubt noticed how your favourite fashion brands grab your attention and generate anticipation of their upcoming shows by promoting specific themes for a period of time, with new interviews, statements, content …. creating a level of anticipation that can really pay off. When fans are full of intriuge, their intrigue can spread through their networks quickly, which helps build exciting momentum.


Getting noticed can be hard sometimes. So its super important you promote your upcoming show across your network. A good communications plan will lead to greater reach and engagement. Make it very clear where and when the event is going to be hosted. And make it easy – if you promote your upcoming show on Instagram you can add the link so users can swipe up to get the details. Give several reminders to your followers, a week before, a few days before and even the morning of your event so that they don’t miss it!


They say timing is everything. Analyse your social network data to understand what days of the week, or time of day, you are likely to attract the most viewers. As each product and audience is going to be different, it’s a good idea to test hosting events at different times until you can determine when you’ll attract the largest audiences. In general, live streaming shopping shows tend to get better traction in the afternoons, after work or after dinner, and on weekends.


“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. But don’t let that scare you off! If you can identify the things that could go wrong, you can create a plan for how to handle them. With good show content, a product you believe in, a good internet connection and a platform like ONLIVE, you will be prepared for anything that comes your way.