January 27, 2022,CET

Live Video Shopping Mistakes to Avoid!

Whether you are a live shopping veteran or new to e-commerce, mastering this medium can take time. Onlive has spoken to some of our most successful clients to see what their take is regarding what works and what doesn’t for live shopping. So, to keep your brand moving upward, we have put together their top live video shopping mistakes to avoid.

4: Non-Integrated Shopping

Introducing a product on a live stream can still grab attention, but if customers need to leave the stream to buy items, you will see sales plummet. True, it might only take a few seconds for them to add something to their cart outside the stream. But let’s be honest, we all know how short our attention spans are nowadays. Those few seconds away from the stream are enough to turn a potential sale into a missed opportunity.

The easier it is for your viewers to add items to their carts and purchase them, the more they will do so. That is why Onlive.Site provides complete integration for live shopping with Shopify, Prestashop, WooCommerce, and Tiendanube. Our software allows clients and customers to stay in your stream and purchase items without any hassle or opening new pages, tabs, or apps. No distractions, only conversions.

3: Bad Lighting

Too much light? That’s bad lighting. Not enough light? Also bad lighting. Added to the mix is that what might be the right kind of lighting for one brand may not work for another one. So how do you find what works best for your brand?

Research and practice. A good place to start is to get in touch with streamers or video professionals whose setup really stands out. Let’s look at an example. Say your brand focuses on selling clothing. You could browse through Instagram and find some fashion bloggers whose lighting is absolutely on point. Then hop in their DMs and ask them about their setup. In our experience, friendly influences are happy to share what lighting gear they use.

But don’t stop there. Before you have your first live shopping stream, we recommend trying different setups. Record test videos with brighter lighting and lower lighting, then get feedback from professionals or even friends on which options look the best.

2: Trying to Wing It (Lack of Preparation or a Script)

The bottom line is that you need a script for your live shopping sessions. Now, that does not mean it should contain every single word you want to say, down to perfectly placed commas. However, planning almost always pays off. Trust us, customers can tell when someone is unprepared and just hanging on by the skin of their teeth.

For your first few sessions, we recommend preparing a more comprehensive script. Maybe you will not need every sentence written out ahead of time, but a robust outline can provide structure and a sense of professionalism that will shine through your videos. As you progress and become more comfortable with live shopping streams, your script can adapt. But that is only because you have earned it now. In other words, your experience can help fill in the blanks.

1: Too Much Script & Stagnant Structure

Yes, we just talked about how important a script and structure are. And we stand by that advice. However, like anything else, too much scripting can become a problem. Specifically, it can lead to two major issues:

Artificial Feel to the Stream

Live video shopping should be a genuinely enjoyable experience for everyone involved. And customers get a lot of enjoyment from the personalities of a brand’s face. So while a script helps keep things professional, too much of a script can bog-down the personality of whoever is on camera. Finding the right balance of scripted structure and freedom of expression is key to building truly engaging live shopping content.

Loss of Interest

People like to know what they are getting into. So live shopping videos that have a consistent feel can promote consumer loyalty. However, consistency can be taken too far and lead to a stagnant feel. In other words, consistency without innovation can result in a loss of engagement. So, don’t be afraid to try out new things. But try to keep your customer’s tastes and interests in mind when expanding and branching out. Pulling something too unusual or out-of-place into a stream’s script can be jarring and might discourage long-time clients or consumers.

Level Up Your Brand Today

Using Onlive.Site’s live shopping software can be the start of a new chapter for your brand. Watch out for each of the mistakes in our list and watch your e-commerce brand continue to grow. Contact us today for a free live demonstration of our software and the ways it can seamlessly integrate with your current e-commerce platform.