December 21, 2021,CET

Ways to Engage Live Shoppers for Your Brand

Knowing how to engage live shoppers will be crucial for your brand. A bored or disengaged customer is one who will not only not buy anything during a session, but they might never return to your brand. In other words, the stakes are high; success for e-commerce relies more heavily on customer engagement than other spheres do.

Start With Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is without a doubt the foundation for any successful business. Ok, but what does this vague phrase «customer satisfaction» really mean? What does it look like? A satisfied customer is one who:

  • Leaves positive reviews for products
  • Returns to your brand for future purposes
  • Recommends your brand to their peers and colleagues
  • Associates a positive feeling or sensation with your brand

In other words, customer satisfaction in practice is someone who supports your brand and will continue to do so.

Approach Live Shopping with Curation In Mind

Unless your brand is literally Amazon, then the odds are it will not have something for everyone. But this can be used to your advantage, as this leaves you with a niche. Now, the key to success and dominating your niche starts with understanding your target audience and building your content and brand around them.

Once you recognize that you are not trying to sell products to every single person, you can better curate your live shopping sessions to the appropriate audience. It may turn away some people, but it will build a more solid following for the individuals you actually want to target. Trying to appeal to everyone will turn out far worse; your brand will still lose clients and only come across as bland, commercial, and uninspiring. None of these factors inspire any engagement with your live shoppers.

Provide Adequate Support During and Between Live Sessions

Providing the right support for customers is another part of finding your niche and one of the ways to engage live shoppers. When it comes to support, you have two main options: live support and self-service. Ideally, having both will provide the greatest engagement for your customers, as most people prefer one or the other.

Questions about products. Trouble-shooting. And any other vague or specific information. All of these will be needed by customers at some point. While you can provide support and answer questions during shoppable live video streams, maintaining that support outside of live moments will prove vital.

This can be as straightforward as responding to emails or inquiries. Or keeping up with messages on your preferred social media platform. If customers feel like their needs are being met, they will stay engaged.

Maintain Your Brand’s Story

Finding the balance here can be tricky, as you also do not want to fall into a stale routine. Still, maintaining a specific image and narrative for your brand can engage live shoppers by providing a consistency that causes your brand to stand out and be recognized for what it is.

One of the best ways to maintain your brand’s story is to have a consistent face (or faces) associated with the brand. If you have a one or two people who serve as the brand’s faces during live shopping sessions, customers can feel more attached to the brand. They will return to sessions featuring someone they enjoy seeing more than sessions that always have a new face.

It is worth mentioning though that you can leverage guest appearances in your brand’s favor though. Having a recognizable name from another influence or individual alongside your brand can further boost live shopper engagement. Everyone loves a fun-filled collaboration after all.

Level Up Your Brand With Live Shopping

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